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A guide to the Great Sioux Nation
AIM (American Indian Movement)
Arvol Lookinghorse ( Keeper of the Sacred Lakota Peacepipe)
Comanche language and culturel preservation committee
Guthrie Studios
Indigenous Peoples Literature ( main source to /
Lady Pixels Place.
Little Big Horn Associatets
Native American Rights Fund (NARF)
Native Web. . (an Internet community)
Native American electronic text resources
Red Cloud Indian School ( Pine Ridge, South Dakota)
People of the West . ( Table of contens)
Smithsonian Institute ( Museum of the Native American Indian)
The Flags of the native American.
This week in Northamerican Indian history ( Phil Konstantins VERY comprehensive archives)
Waban Aki Crafts
Smithsonoan Institution Libraries
National Indian Law Library
Native American Constitution and Law Digitization Project
Northern Cheyenne Sand Creek Massacre Site Project
Native Languages of the Americas
Native American Lore Index Page



Radio stationer:
Kili Radio (The voice of the Lakota Nation)

Newspapers / Journals.
Akwesasne Notes
Back To the Blanket
Indian Country Today
Whispering Wind
Wotanging Ikche/ Native American Newsletter


"when the Earth is sick,the animals will begin to disappear,
when that happens, the Warriors of the Rainbow
will come to save them."
Chief Seattle

Not all places are as great as they seem ,here are some that are not.
With and in respect

Wounded Knee home page.
The Massacre
The Victims
Accounts from theWounded Knee Massacre