Austin. Mary,
A land of little Rain.
Indian Songs
The Songmakers

Colyer. Vincent,
Notes among the Indians

De Cora, Angel.
An autobiography
Grey Wolf´s daugther
The Sick Child

Eastman,Charles Alexander.
Indian boyhood.
Old Indian days.
The Madness of the Bald Eagle.
The Soul of the Indian

La France. David
An Indian boys story

La Flesche, Francis
An Indian Allotment
The Story of a Vision

La Flesche, Suzette

Grinnell.George Bird
The Medicine Grizzly Bear
The Wild Indian

The Red mans last roll-call

Linderman Frank.B,
Indian Why Stories

Many Swans sun myth...
Songs of the pueblo Indians

McLaughling. Maria,
Myths and legends of the Sioux..

A Praria Borgia
Little Wolf
When the Snow drifts
The end of a Dream
The Singing of the Frogs
The Fading of Shadow Flower
The Smile of God
The Spirit of Crow Butte

When the Grass Grew Long.

Indian superstition and legends
An Indian on the problems of his race
The future of the Red man
Simon Pokogan on naming the Indians.

A warriors daugther
Why I am a Pagan
The Trial Path
The Soft-hearted Sioux
Old Indian Legends.

Authors biography

Angel de Cora